5 Great Wedding Evening Food Ideas

Our 5 favourite Wedding evening food ideas

Wedding food choices and ways of serving food at events are constantly changing. With differing trends making a seemingly sudden appearance, wedding evening reception food ideas are certainly food options that most people look forward to during the evening’s festivities. So here are some ideas for you to look through and really whet the appetite!

If you are having guests join you for your evening reception only, it is rather nice to lay on some food for them to enjoy, and at Hendall Manor Barns, we have seen lots of differing ideas and ways to serve the evening food. Here are our top wedding evening food ideas…

Cheese and Charcuterie

For a mid-evening refuel, boards of hams, salamis and differing artisan cheeses, served with grapes, chutneys, walnuts, celery, crackers, baguettes and butter are an excellent savoury option.  Whilst they might not be the most cost effective of options to consider, is always a popular choice and will keep your guests coming back for more!

Any leftovers can usually be packaged up at the end of the evening and kept in the fridges here overnight for collection the next day. This is always best discussed with your caterer to make sure necessary food hygiene procedures aren’t at risk of being breached.


This is certainly an option that we are seeing here more and more.

Our fabulous approved caterers will be able to serve oven baked pizzas from our kitchens and you can either opt for platters of mini pizzas being served to your guests, or you can have a beautiful buffet station. These can be set up with different flavours of pizzas on offer; decorated with herb pots and when positioned at differing heights on the buffet table really do look so appetising.

Hot Dog Stations

Bringing a touch of American food trends to an English wedding will always make a fun change!

Hot dogs (or a good old British banger) served with fried onions and a selection of condiments. Mustard, ketchup and brown sauce are bound to draw the revellers off the dance floor for a quick pick-me-up. Just don’t forget the all important vegetarian/vegan guests; there are some excellent sausage options out there right now, so just make sure you’ve catered for them too!

Donut Walls

Providing these at your evening reception, will no doubt grant you a, wait for it… A ‘hole lotta love’ from your wedding guests (sorry, I couldn’t resist!!)

Whilst these could act as a trendy alternative to a traditional wedding cake, you might also like to have an additional sweet treat option as part of your evening food. These are easy to serve, fairly budget friendly and will always be a delight for everyone.

Crisp Walls

Are proving popular of late and can either be made to feel super retro, with lots of crisps that would have been the only choice back in the day like Monster Munch or just a selection of everyone’s favourite flavours.

Pulled Pork Buns

Wow your guests by laying on some delicious smoky pulled pork buns in a soft brioche bun. These can be served on their own, or you could offer them with different types of slaw and BBQ sauce.

Just look at the below buns that were laid on by Amuse Private Caterers for a stunning summer wedding here at Hendall!

Your wedding caterer may well be able to suggest some¬†completely different wedding evening reception food ideas for you too, so open up the discussion with them. However remember to be transparent about how much you’re wishing to spend on your evening food. In order for budgets to be carefully managed for you.

Our favourite 5 wedding evening food ideas

These are just a handful of ideas, but you will find so many different options available to choose from.

We hope hearing about our favourite wedding evening food ideas has given you some inspiration and don’t forget to regularly check our blogs, for new posts, ranging from wedding ideas, real wedding stories, recommended suppliers and much, much more!

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