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Charity Events

The Terrace at Hendall Manor Barns by Craig Payne PhotographyAnyone wishing to organise any event with a charitable or not for profit purpose will find us enthusiastic to assist and able to offer discounted or nominal hire rates. As our reputation is growing we are being found for events such as these with customers in both East Sussex, West Sussex as well as Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

So far we have hosted several charity events such as lunches, a vintage tea/fashion show, a performance of As You Like It and we have a WW1 commemoration booked for 2014.

A classical concert, singing groups and a Pilates class have used the buildings to great effect.

If you have any ideas for raising money for charity there are so many opportunities to make use of these versatile buildings. Not only is Hendall easy to find but also very accessible with disabled access provided throughout the building.

Funds have been raised for Parkinsons UK, Chailey Heritage Foundation, Wellbeing for Women and CHADIK (Child Health & Development in Kenya).

A charity lunch or tea could sensibly attract 80 paying invitees with a classical concert or recital comfortably seating about 100.

Hendall is also ideal for dance and exercise classes with lots of heated floor space.  A local singing group has made good use of the church like acoustics.

We look forward to hearing from you for your ideas for charity events and event days.