Is wedding insurance important?

Taking out wedding insurance, as with anything valuable, be it sentimentally, financially or just for the peace of mind knowing you have insurance can bring, is something we insist all our couples take out, regardless of wedding date, budgets or ideas.

Now, more than ever, with the current pandemic causing many 2020 weddings to have to re-book their chosen date, shows just why preparing for the unexpected (no matter how surreal a situation might seem) is such an important step to take in your initial wedding planning journey.

Why is wedding insurance important?

Wedding insurance is there to protect you financially if the unexpected happens, and just like home or car insurance it provides an important security for you whilst you plan one of the biggest and most important days of your lives.

Luckily, the huge majority of couples will never need to claim on their wedding insurance and their days will go without a hitch, but what to do if the unexpected happens and you are put in to a position of either not being able to have your wedding anymore, or something happens on the day itself which you will need to look at claiming on your insurance for?

These uncertainties are the very reason why we ask for all our couples to take out suitable wedding insurance.

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Shopping around for the right deal

There are lots of insurance companies who offer wedding insurance, and these will differ in price, depending on what type of cover you’re looking for, and these will of course vary depending on the over spend of your wedding too.

If you’re spending a large amount of your hard earned cash on your wedding day, then it is more than important that you buy a policy that’ll cover you for the right amount.

Most policies allow you to take out wedding cover up to two years before the big day, but this does differ from each insurer.

Arranging suitable cover really doesn’t take long, and can all be done online with the click of a few buttons. High street shops such as John Lewis will offer insurance, but we recommend the following companies too:





Understanding the ‘jargon’

It’s always a good idea to read your policy wordings so that you are clear on the exact cover you are purchasing and any additional costs.

You may wish to avoid a policy with complicated wordings. Certain providers use ‘Plain English’ and shorter wordings which make it a lot easier for you to understand.

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Information suggests that the number of couples taking out wedding insurance is increasing due to greater awareness and recommendations from wedding professionals, and we are proud to be a contributing factor in this incline.

Planning a wedding already requires a lot of focus and attention, therefore, it makes sense to ensure all that hard work and financial outlay is protected so you can get on and enjoy one of the happiest days of your life.