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Wedding Sign inspiration

Our comprehensive list of wedding sign ideas, should be a useful guide to what will help your guests feel relaxed so everyone can simply enjoy the day!

Hopefully, whatever stage you’re at on your wedding journey, we can give you confidence in which signs are a must and those which you can put on the back burner.

Although wedding signs may seem like small detail among everything else, they play a vital role in the smooth running of the day. They are also an inexpensive way to add more details and decor to the barn.

Whether you’re just thinking about visiting venues or have now chosen one, it’s always a good idea think about what you would appreciate to make you feel at ease when visiting a venue for the first time.

Clear instructions about where to park, where to go to meet the staff, how long you will spend there etc… all these things are also true for your guests on your wedding day. They will want to know what time to arrive, the order of the day, who they will be sitting with and the time they need to order their ride home. We have compiled some of our favourites in the hope of inspiring your own wedding signage.

Some of our favourites

Welcome Signs

A welcome sign is always reassuring for guests, as it clarifies where they are supposed to be.

These often include your name, your wedding date and occasionally the venue name or a favourite quote. From the outset, these can set the vibe for your day.

In this current climate, many couples have had to change their date several times. Making a feature of this is a great way of letting guests know you appreciate their patience and they are finally in the right place on the right day!

Order of the day

Your wedding day will be busy, so displaying a large clear sign letting people know about the key timings in the day is a great idea.

List elements of your day – your ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, first dance, last dance and grand send off.

Pallets are an inexpensive way of displaying this on a grand scale or have signs made up with everything listed for all to see. These can be placed strategically so guests can read them at their leisure. Many couples decide to give exact timings but if you prefer things to be less formal we would still suggest letting guests know your ceremony and last dance times.

Mini signs

Throughout the day, there maybe things you would like your guests to know and small signs with instructions or suggestions help guests feel at ease.

From indicating where you would like cards to be placed or directions to lawn games; these mini signs are invaluable for your guests.

Equally, simple signage asking guests to help themselves to blankets/favours or where to sit during the ceremony are also informative.

Organising large numbers of people needs clear instructions. If you would like guests to use your selfie booth or add a message to the guest book, small signs with very clear instructions are worth every word.

Please be seated

This is necessary and important for your day. This can be done in a relatively low key way, or why not go to town? Either way, if you choose to do no other wedding signage we would recommend you do this!

For all the creative couples out there, this is where we see the most individuality. You are able to really think about what is important to you and can enjoy designing an elaborate table plan that incorporates your hobbies and interests.

Each table can have a centrepiece that links to the table name. We have seen so many great ideas, from favourite books, places, varieties of gin, characters from movies or even differing pictures of the happy couple.

Before your wedding day, you will have already given a seating plan to your caterer informing them where certain guests with dietary requirements are sitting and will have decided who is sitting next to whom.

These signs, however you do them, need to be clear and easy to see. After all, you’ve probably spent hours agonising over it, so its prominence is well deserved!

Remember, guests are all keen to see where they will be sitting and some guests may have the same Christian name so distinctions must be made clear. No one wants the wrong Jennifer sitting next to Ben!

Reserved seating signs

Most couples like to make sure their nearest and dearest get a good seat during the ceremony.

This ensures your bridal party are catered for and other certain VIP guests have a front row seat. Name labels can be simply placed on the seat or tied onto the back of our bentwood chairs.

Food and drink signs

Our highly professional recommended caterers will provide a totally bespoke menu for you and a well placed menu card is a perfect addition to your table décor.

We do not charge corkage therefore allowing a fantastic saving to be made. It also means there can be any manner of drinks available at your wedding.

Your chosen caterer is responsible for serving these drinks for you. A list of drinks on the bar is a welcome sight so guests know what is available.

If you would like any advice linked to this blog, please get in contact. We’d love to chat through your wedding sign ideas and help you decide on your unique wedding signage.

The Hendall Team

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