Reasons to consider a wedding videographer

Reasons to consider a Hendall recommended wedding videographer

We are always surprised how many couples aren’t sure if they want a wedding videographer when we first talk to them about their day. With that in mind, we thought we would list the advantages of hiring a videographer to capture your day that you can treasure forever.

Hendall’s 5 reasons to consider a wedding videographer

1. Capture moments in a way like no other.

Not only is it wonderful to have still images that capture a moment in time- and very important, but much of what is caught on video camera provides you with all the other special moments in-between, that you may otherwise have missed.

“I loved seeing Kyle’s reaction when I walked down the aisle as I couldn’t see when I was far away.”

2. Gives an unforgettable audio record of your day.

A video will capture the spoken parts of the day such as your ceremony vows and speeches. It is also wonderful to watch any funny moments that have happened or relive any performers you had during the day. You just can’t capture this in the same way without the audio.

3. Not as costly as you would think

When thinking about the longevity of a wedding video it may be one of the best investments of the day. While you may only where your dress once, you can revisit the day time and time again. Can you put a price on preserving those memories!

4. Enable you to have a truly unplugged ceremony

No one wants a ringing phone ruining the most important part of your day. Unplugged is definitely the way to go but missing those special ceremony moments would be a shame. Watching your best friends or family members walk down the aisle is usually only something your guests and other half gets to see, so filming this alongside being able to see your whole ceremony is wonderful. Couples often say this is the one part of the day they feel they can’t remember in huge detail as I think everyone’s feeling a bit giddy in love at this point 😉

5. Captures friends and family in that stage/time of life

Not only is it great to look back on your younger self but it’s lovely to see everyone else at that stage of their lives. I still look back at my wedding video with happy memories and reminisce fondly!

Have we convinced you yet?

Anneka Ireland is one of our recommended videographers and has posted several blogs of real weddings held at Hendall. We believe a videographer should be as discreet as possible in order to capture the true essence of the day.
“None of them even knew we had a videographer because Anneka is so discreet. Special memories captured forever.”

Anneka Ireland – Real weddings at Hendall.

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