2020 Wedding Trends

2020 Wedding Trends

As a venue who prides itself in being ‘a bit different’, we don’t always keep up with the trends, but, we have to admit to being ever so slightly intrigued to see if some of our wonderful couples this year will be showcasing any of the 2020 wedding trends on their special day with us!

We’ve heard that neon, hidden messages in wedding dresses and statement veils, long banqueting tables, self-service bars and contemporary wedding cakes and flavours are all the rage this season.


This trend is electric and can be easily incorporated into any wedding style; but, with a stone brick backdrop in a barn venue, such as Hendall Manor Barns; this can be particularly striking and will certainly add a modern feel to your wedding day.

Neon LOVE sign

Couples can be bold and brave with colour and can feature the Neon theme in their wedding stationery, menu cards and backdrops on the bar or photobooths!

Embroidered wedding dresses and statement veils

The embroidery trend is expected to boom in 2020 as couples find more and more unique ways to tell and encorporate their love stories in to their weddings.

Stitching initials, a secret message, Bible verses or a love note in to your wedding dress, or making a statement of them on your veil are special ways of including a hidden message for just your new Husband to see or for all your guests to marvel at and adore!

One of our recommended suppliers; Anne-Marie  Prescott of Bespoke Veils was the first person who popped into our minds upon hearing this trend.

She makes the most stunning veils that are all individually tailored and embroidered by her. Seems that she is already streaks ahead with some of her Brides, as she is already often asked to include quotations, words, initials, names and dates in to her designs and these can be subtly hidden within a design, or placed to make a statement.

Anne-Marie; this 2020 wedding trend is perfectly suited to you!

Long Banqueting Tables

Apparently, 2020 will be all about the banquet table. Guests sat in a linear fashion with tables laden with glasses, candles, bread baskets, wedding favours and delicious food for as far as the eye can see is what it is all about!

2020 trend

This works well for numbers up to about 80 at Hendall, but the tables will need to be hired in, so, if the budget allows for a little extra indulgence on set up; then why not splash the cash and go with the trend!

Chelsea Wedding Photography

Wedding Cakes

Cake is certainly a tradition that is here to stay, although wedding cakes have most definitely evolved from the traditional fruit cake and are now often towering works of art covered in anything from dripped icing, edible flowers and painted brush strokes!


Sylvia's Kitchen

Cake flavours are also pushing the boundaries of tradition, with modern flavours being blended together to create a unique and new palettes.

Even the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose a modern and creative lemon and elderflower flavour for their cake; if they can break with tradition, then we can’t wait to see what our bride’s this year have chosen!

Hendall Entrance

We are excited for these 2020 wedding trends to start appearing over the next year or so, and i’m sure we will see a few new ideas being brought in to the mix too.

If you’re still on the hunt for a sussex wedding venue, where you can choose and inject your own style and ideas into, then do get in touch with us. We’d love to help you plan your perfect day; on trend or not!